Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Surrogacy in Kerala

Surrogacy is becoming very popular in Kerala. Women who have difficulty in conceiving even after repeated treatments like IUI, laparoscopy, IVF and ICSI are opting for surrogacy .
In Surrogacy,the success is much higher than all other treatment combined, especially if donor egg is used.

At GiFT IVF center, Dr S. Mani along with Dr. Anitha Mani has been successfully carrying out Surrogacy for the last 7 years. Lately, numerous Malayalee couples settled abroad are coming for treatment, as we offer high standards in the services offered .

Treatment facilities include 9 month stay for surrogate mothers along with a  nutritious diet.
Foreign nationals are also equally interested in surrogacy in kerala, as they like to have a holiday along with the treatment and they have very high opinion about kerala to be very clean and hygienic, compared to other states of India.The low maternal and neonatal mortality along with the high rate of litteracyis an added attraction for  them.

The cost of surrogacy in Kerala is much less compared to the  western countries.

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