Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Requirements for Exit Visa from FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office)

1.       Surrogacy agreement
2.       Surrogate mother’s consent form
3.       Birth Certificate of the baby
4.       Citizenship of baby
5.       Flight tickets for the baby and the parents
6.       Residence proof in India
7.       Passport size photos as needed

Paper work required for the foreign national post delivery

1.       Birth Certificate

2.       DNA Report

3.       Passport

4.       Citizenship

5.       Exit Visa from FRRO Office

Requirements for Passport / Visa / Citizenship

6.       Marriage Certificate (Minimum 2 years of married life for surrogacy in India)

7.       Birth Certificate of both the parents

8.       Passports and Indian Medical Visa for both the parents

9.       Proof of address (Any Bills or Government documentation with the address mentioned on it)

10.     Bank Statement

11.     Pay slips / Tax return

12.     Some countries require police checks

13.     All legal documents, surrogacy contract, financial agreement, declaration of intent from the surrogate                    and affidavit from the surrogate’s husband, death certificate of late husband in case the surrogate                        mother is a widow.

14.    Completed application form from the respective embassy

15.    Photographs as required

16.    Completed application form for citizenship

All legal documents

1.       Letter from the hospital stating that you had undergone surrogacy treatment.

2.       Letter from the doctor regarding-

a.       IVF report

b.      Anti-natal check-ups – scan and blood report

c.       Delivery / Caesarean details

d.      Medical bills

e.      Agreement of financial terms

f.       Proof of payment to surrogate mother

g.      Surrogate agreement

h.      Consent of surrogate mother

i.       Affidavit of surrogate mother

j.       Copy of Baby’s birth certificate

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