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                                            Donor Egg IVF & Surrogacy

Surrogacy using donor eggs is done fairly commonly. As women grow older, egg reserve/egg quality may become poor and it is difficult to get a positive result for IVF, so good quality eggs are used from donors. At GIFT IVF Centre, we maintain the quality by strict donor criteria and maintains complete secrecy about the donor and the surrogate mother. Donor profiles are provided to choose from.

                                           Criteria for donors

       1.    Age should be less than 28, preferably less than 25.
         2.    All fitness tests should come out normal.
         3.    Donor should be healthy with no family history of diseases .
         4.    Scan should reveal normal pelvic, and good antral follicular count (AFC).
         5.    Donor should be willing to take injections and undergo General Anesthesia  for egg collection.
         6.   Sign consent after detailed counseling.
         7.   Minimum education is graduation.
         8.   Color  of hair and skin, height should be matching with the mother.
         9.   Should donate only three times in lifetime
              Medical History and Tests

        1. Past Medical history
        2. Surgical history
        3. Family history
        4. Gynaecological & obstetric history
        5. History of smoking, alchoholism,drug abuse
        6. Details of previous pregnancy
            a.  Normal delivery or Caesarian
            b.  Any  complications
            c.   Birth weight of previous babies, if any

                         Cost of donor egg IVF

Cost includes preparation of donor , IVF/ ICSI and donors expenses and remuneration. Preparation charges of the donor involves the following. 

        1.Psychological analysis                                        
        3.Background check  of donor                     
        4.Blood tests, urine tests
        5.HIV, HBASG,HCV,VDRL,RBS, FBC,LFT,RFT and other tests as required                     
        6.Medical checkup                                                   


a.     Blood Pressure
b.     Weight
c.      Height
d.     Cardiovascular system
e.     Respiratory system
f.       Per abdominal examination
g.     Per vaginal examination and speculum examination  
h.     ECG, CXR if needed
i.      Trans vaginal scan                                               

                                         Other expenses

1. Transportation                                                                
2. Food                                                                      
3. Accommodation                                                    
4. Consent by lawyer                                                
5. Screening and blood test of  donor’s partner for infections   
6. Medicines - contraceptive pills to adjust date , folic acid, multivitamins                     
7. Payment for coming for screening and checkup 
8. Record and  file keeping                                                
9. Administration charges                                                       
10.Doctors fee , nursing charges            

Total cost Depends on donor profile , caucasian donor is available on request , but cost will be extra , as the donors charge around 12,000 US dollars.

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