Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Presentation in world surrogacy conference in Melbourne

Presentation in world surrogacy conference in Melbourne on 24 th  and 25 th of May 2014 , by Dr . Anita mani and Dr. S. Mani  from GIFT , Cochin made India widely popular as a hub for international surrogacy .

It was indeed a proud moment for Dr. Anita  to be sitting in the panel with the greats of proffesor Shapiro (who was first in world to develop blastocyst culture from California ), Dr.Guy Ringler ( Las Vegas research center ) and interviewed by prof. Martyn ( known as grandfather of Australian fertility )

Our unique policies, which  could not be competed by even the best Centers in the world , won lots of accolades . At gift center , only single embryo is transferred to avoid the complications of multiple pregnancy like premature deliveries and other  maternal and fetal complications . This was in contrast to the 3 to 6 embryo transfer practiced by other Centers in India and around the globe .

The policy of  day 5 blastocyst transfer for all cases, is a huge advancement and helps in selecting the best embryo . Very few Centers in the world are able to do blastocyst culture routinely for every single patient.

As we offer good success with frozen embryo transfer, many Australian couples decided to ship their frozen embryos from Australia to South India after the meeting . Surrogate mothers are provided with excellent facilities in the form of accommodation and nutritious diet , with 24 hour medical care and good remuneration .

The unbiased interview ( by translator) of around 20 pregnant surrogate mothers of foreign couples at GIFT was shown in Melbourne conference and  was appreciated by the audience which consisted doctors , lawyers , facilitators , research fellows ,ethic committee members  and intended parents from Australia, America , U.k. and Thailand 

Transparency and  honesty  is making GIFT Center stand apart from other Indian clinics , as the surrogates are allowed to meet the biological parents and they even Skype them regularly .

World class Medical facilities for a lower price of around 20 to 30 thousand US dollars is making our center attractive for the world , in comparison to American and Australian Centers , where they charges are around 200 to 300 thousand  us dollars per surrogacy .

The fact is that Kerala has a Neonatal mortality rate of 7 / 1000  which is comparable with western countries  and has  100 % literacy rate .

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