Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Story of two women and surrogacy

This is the story of  two women from among the thousands who visit us.

When 43 year old Mrs Kiran came to see me, she did not cry or smile. Her face looked ghostly. She was weary from visiting around 30 infertility centres for treatments in the last 23 years. There was not a single month in the calendar when she didn't try to be a mother. It all began after the first year of her marriage. Initially she underwent scans and took medicines. Later it progressed to intra uterine inseminations (IUI). After a year of IUI marked by painful periods, her husband felt pity for her and both started on a mix of ayurveda, alternate medicine and homeopathy, all in vain. Then they left to Mumbai fr IVF treatment. While she dreamt about a baby, her husband thought about the medical expenses. Even after 3 IVFs it did not work. He worked hard to expand his business, sold all the disposable property they had and managed to arrange the finance for ICSI treatment which failed again. To make matters worse, she developed fibroids in the uterus which caused pain and heavy bleeding. She underwent laparoscopy for the fibroid removal. The doctors were sure that the second ICSI will be successful, as the uterus was lighter now. But, the surgery had left all the organs in her pelvis sticking like a gum, and as if in a vengeance, more fibroids appeared in her next scan. Another surgery followed. 

Amidst  this trauma, when I told them I could help, they were speechless and they agreed for surrogacy. The eggs were retrieved from her and fertilized with her husband's sperm in the IVF lab and subsequently shifted to the surrogate mother's womb.They could not believe their eyes when I first showed them the images of 2 tiny pregnancies in the surrogate mother. I will never forget their faces when I handed over the twin babies to them. More than being a doctor, I felt like a humble human being at that moment. 


When  I met Suman, she was shattered without any hope or aspiration.  Beautiful, 30 year old Suman has been married for 12 years with 4 children. Initially, she and her husband were very happy together . After the birth of their first child, her husband became an alcoholic. He started drinking heavily and lost his job. She was subject to domestic violence and in desperation attempted suicide.  A nun at the nearby convent gave her hope. She advised her to help another women and herself by becoming a surrogate. Surprisingly, her husband agreed to this as a noble means of earning. Luckily she conceived in the first attempt of embryo transfer after IVF and had a smooth pregnancy till the end of the term. She opted to stay in the hospital for  9 months. Good nourishment and rest restored her physical and mental health tremendously. She became cheerful and constantly kept in touch with her children who were under the nun’s care. Their financial condition improved and her husband reformed. With the nun’s help, she booked a small house in a small  plot, which she bought later. She was more than happy to hand over the baby to the biological parents and for the first time in her life felt she had done a worthy deed. She was also able to save some money for her children’s education. She found a job as care taker in the convent nursery school and is presently leading a happy life with her family.

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