Monday, 18 December 2017

Surrogacy saves one more family from breaking

Caste and family pressure couldn’t shake the true love of  Rohit and Catherine. ( Names changed ) Ten years back the young couple belonging to different religions fought against all odds and got married, withstanding the protests of their parents. The troubles did not end there,  to their utmost dismay, in spite of several trials Catherine could not conceive. They tried ICSI, IMSI, laparoscopic surgery and many other procedures, prayed relentlessly, but nothing worked. The fact that she was suffering from epilepsy added more problems. This led to quarrels among them and with no other family to support or guide they were on the brink of divorce. It was during this time that the wife was confiding to her friend about  the tragic situation and the friend suggested surrogacy. The decision to approach us for surrogacy proved wise, now they are blessed with two beautiful twins. The excitement and fervor were such that the mother had lost all sense of surrounding and was behaving ecstatically. Once more, surrogacy has helped restore happiness to a breaking family.