Thursday, 25 January 2018

Donor Egg IVF

Recently I came across a couple who was referred to me from Bangalore. They had been married just one year but unfortunately, the wife was diagnosed with severe adenomyosis along with multiple fibroids and other medical conditions. A famous expert surgeon performed laparoscopic myomectomy and bowel repair on her. When she came to consult us, a scan was performed and we noticed that there were severe adhesions, bilateral ovaries were not clear and there was fluid in the cavity. 

In her case natural pregnancy was not possible and egg retrieval for IVF had complications. We explained to the couple the difficulties and problems in egg retrieval and the probabilities of pregnancy with own egg IVF. They understood the medical complexity and happily chose donor egg surrogacy program without hesitation, till now they were in the dark and had not known about these options. This was the choice which opened the door to them for a family way and fulfilled their dream.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mother's love is unconditional

This is the sad story of a husband and wife with a happy ending. 18years of yearning for a child had been exasperating for this couple. They didn’t leave any stone unturned to get a child of their own. They had tried 8 IUIs and 5 IVFs from two different hospitals, but each attempt was unsuccessful as every time pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. With each unsuccessful attempt, their despair grew and age was also catching up and both of them were above 50 years old.

Then someone told them about surrogacy and a fresh hope was instilled in them. Their decision to undergo surrogacy with donor egg program bore fruit
when the surrogate gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Their decades of suffering and despair had ended, the mother was so overwhelmed with joy that she couldn’t stop crying for hours. The boon of surrogacy and a positive attitude worked miracles for this wonderful couple. 


Few couples are reluctant to opt for donor eggs, they are under the notion that they will not be able to love the child in the same way as their own child. But in all the scores of donor egg surrogacy cases I have done so far, the mothers never showed any differentiation and were always overjoyed and ecstatic to get the baby. Mother’s love is always unconditional and knows no difference between own egg and donor egg

Monday, 18 December 2017

Surrogacy saves one more family from breaking

Caste and family pressure couldn’t shake the true love of  Rohit and Catherine. ( Names changed ) Ten years back the young couple belonging to different religions fought against all odds and got married, withstanding the protests of their parents. The troubles did not end there,  to their utmost dismay, in spite of several trials Catherine could not conceive. They tried ICSI, IMSI, laparoscopic surgery and many other procedures, prayed relentlessly, but nothing worked. The fact that she was suffering from epilepsy added more problems. This led to quarrels among them and with no other family to support or guide they were on the brink of divorce. It was during this time that the wife was confiding to her friend about  the tragic situation and the friend suggested surrogacy. The decision to approach us for surrogacy proved wise, now they are blessed with two beautiful twins. The excitement and fervor were such that the mother had lost all sense of surrounding and was behaving ecstatically. Once more, surrogacy has helped restore happiness to a breaking family.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Gifting the Miracle of Life

Some time back, a couple approached me for doing surrogacy  as the woman had  polio lower limb deformity, was suffering from pelvic abnormalities and couldn’t conceive naturally. As all the conditions were satisfactory, medical procedures for surrogacy were started. Sadly, the first two attempts turned out to be unsuccessful. The disheartened husband  became very agitated and started harassing me. There were times when he would call me more than ten times in a day. I often considered dropping the case, however my heart went out to the suffering couple especially the wife who had no option other than surrogacy for having  her own biological child. Feeling their pain, I continued the process, even though it was taxing and strenuous . After five futile attempts, I  was overjoyed to finally get a positive result. This changed their life completely and  they are ecstatic to have their own baby. I was quite surprised at the changed behavior of  the father who became perfectly calm and composed after the family was blessed with the baby.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A baby of their own after waiting for 16 years

Being a nurse, she cared for others health all day long but had no child of her own to come back to. Married for 16 years without children, the couple were depressed and facing a lot of pressure and judgment from friends and family. This was made worse by the fact that she was a paramedic who knew doctors, treatments, medications and all resources available but was still helpless. Fearing social stigma and interrogations from family, they had migrated to the Middle East. Every vacation was dedicated to desperate attempts at various treatments in different clinics. But all the attempts were in vain and they not only got drained financially but also emotionally.

Finally, they were lucky to visit Gift IVF Centre and under the expert supervision of Dr. Mani they are blessed with a baby girl through surrogacy and the blissful couple is now getting back into a normal social life.

Twin babies for woman born without uterus

Surrogacy is a boon to many women who cannot conceive naturally because of medical complications. Surrogacy finally came to the aid of this couple married for 5 years without any children.  The woman was diagnosed with congenital absence of uterus and ovaries, which meant that there was no way she could conceive even with artificial reproductive techniques or any kind of infertility treatment. After undergoing surrogacy they are now blessed with two beautiful twin children and needless to say they are double happy

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Happiness after 8 years of marriage

This couple had desperately hoped and prayed to fulfill their heart's biggest desire - a child of their own. Yet all that eight years of marriage had given them was one blow after the other as the hopeful mother suffered repeated miscarriages due to severe adenomyosis and endometriosis. All the time and effort of visiting several hospitals and doing up to eight different IVF ICSI cycles had failed to deliver on their promise. Forlorn and downcast after their harrowing experiences, they visited Dr. Mani. Owing to his expertise in handling surrogacy cases, Dr. Mani gave them the right guidance and treatment. Today they have reached that blissful moment of happiness they sought for so long and were ecstatic while holding the beloved baby in their arms.

Donor Egg IVF

Recently I came across a couple who was referred to me from Bangalore. They had been married just one year but unfortunately, the wife...