Sunday, 10 September 2017

Gifting the Miracle of Life

Some time back, a couple approached me for doing surrogacy  as the woman had  polio lower limb deformity, was suffering from pelvic abnormalities and couldn’t conceive naturally. As all the conditions were satisfactory, medical procedures for surrogacy were started. Sadly, the first two attempts turned out to be unsuccessful. The disheartened husband  became very agitated and started harassing me. There were times when he would call me more than ten times in a day. I often considered dropping the case, however my heart went out to the suffering couple especially the wife who had no option other than surrogacy for having  her own biological child. Feeling their pain, I continued the process, even though it was taxing and strenuous . After five futile attempts, I  was overjoyed to finally get a positive result. This changed their life completely and  they are ecstatic to have their own baby. I was quite surprised at the changed behavior of  the father who became perfectly calm and composed after the family was blessed with the baby.

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