Saturday, 11 April 2015

Surrogacy was a life saver for Carol

We thought, we would share the real story of one of our female patients in the blog today, so that everyone gets a fair picture of a patient’s journey through various stages of infertility treatments.

Ten years had passed since Carol (name changed) started her married life. The first two years, they tried to conceive naturally, but without any luck. Then they visited a gynaecologist, who advised them to go through Laparoscopy. Subsequently Carol underwent laparoscopy four times and also tried IUI procedure four times. In spite of all the treatments, there was no positive result. They were from an average middle class family and all this treatments were making them financially weak.

Then they decided to try their luck with ICSI procedure in one of the famous hospitals for infertility, but unfortunately the results were again negative.  Sadly, infertility was affecting their married life and due to the pressure from social obligations, Carol was divorced by her husband as she failed to conceive.

In 2005, Carol  got married again at the age of 35 and the whole process of trying for a child started again. She went through IVF procedure four  times and each time, the IVF was performed by highly qualified foreign doctors, but still she couldn’t conceive.  Once she had naturally conceived, but the happiness was short lived as two months later she lost the baby in a  miscarriage.

Then they came to know about surrogacy and finally, after a lot of research came to us. We explained to them about the whole procedure of surrogacy and they were happy and  decided to go ahead with the surrogacy option.  Their joy knew no bounds, when we informed them that the surrogate mother was pregnant with their baby. Few days back the surrogate delivered  a healthy baby and Carol and her  husband were exhilarated as the void in their life was filled by this happy moment.  Every time we bring smile on a patient’s face, it gives us immense pleasure and job satisfaction.

We wish Carol and her family, a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Dr. Mani
Surrogacy specialist
GIFT IVF Centre (Director)

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