Sunday, 12 April 2015

Surrogacy for the case of Wegener's granulomatosis


I am happy and contented that I brought hope and meaning to the lives of my patients Ram and Laxmi.

Rahul and Laxmi had been married for more than 8 years. They had no children. After 6 months of marriage, Laxmi had conceived but unfortunately miscarriage happened by the end of the first trimester.

From the second year of their marriage Laxmi began to suffer on and off breathlessness, cough, wheezing and severe ear ache. Even after an ear surgery there was no relief, the pain only intensified and spread. Conditions of cough and wheezing worsened. Rahul took Laxmi to a big medical institute in Cochin for further treatment and after all the tests,they diagnosed  it as a case of Wegener's granulomatosis.

Wegener's granulomatosis (WG), is a systemic disorder that involves both granulomatosis and polyangiitis. It is a form of vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) and an uncommon disorder that affects small- and medium-size vessels in many organs.  The inflammation restricts blood flow to various organs causing damage to them. Damage to the lungs and kidneys can be fatal. The cause of Wegener's granulomatosis is unknown. The diagnosis was severely delayed due to the nonspecific nature of the symptoms and hence her treatment was delayed.

With the medications Laxmi began to put on weight, she had high BP and became diabetic. In this situation  attempting for a pregnancy was ruled out, as the side effects of all the medicines she was  taking were also very high. Laxmi had lost all hope in life and wanted to end her life. But her loving husband Rahul pampered her and showered her with  love and took care of her every need.

It was then that they heard about surrogacy and contacted me. I convinced them that there was no need to be disappointed, the Artificial reproductive technology has progressed so much that couples like them who have no other alternative can complete their family through surrogacy. The procedure went smoothly and now Rahul and Laxmi have begun a new life filled with love and laughter. Baby Kiran has brought a ray of light into their life and a ray of hope for the future. My humble efforts, not only brought a new life to this world but saved 2 more from their pains and suffering.

 Dr. Mani
Surrogacy specialist
GIFT IVF Centre (Director)

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