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When you are looking for  international  surrogacy,  due diligence is very important. Look for a clinic which  (a)Maintains high hygiene and safety standard, (b) Provide surrogates with good housing standards, (c) Maintains donor anonymity and strict medical screening, (d) Healthy Surrogate mothers ,(e) Frozen embryo transfer expertise (f)  Affordable  (g)  Good Success Rate (h)  Specialists in Surrogacy (i) Advanced medical equipment (j) Effective communication (k)  ICMR Registration and Medical Visa (l)  Availability of legal back-up.(m) Availability of FRRO (n)  Availability of NICU / Neo-Natologist

We can proudly say that Gift IVF centre meets all the above criteria. Through surrogacy, Gift IVF centre has helped fulfill the dreams of  hundreds  of women with severe endometriosis, cervical incompetence, uterine abnormalities, Chromosome abnormality and several other medical conditions.  This fact is evident from the numerous testimonials of satisfied parents. You can watch the video and read their testimonials on the following links. 

The clinic is conveniently located in Cochin, Kerala (India), just 5 km away from the Kochi International airport. It is built in an area of 20000 square feet with the state of the ‘ART lab’ with   latest medical technologies and equipment. The cost of Surrogacy packages offered by GIFT Surrogacy centre is very low in comparison with the packages offered in other cities of India and one-tenth in comparison with the surrogacy rates in USA and Canada. All this offered at an above average success rate of 80% to 90% in donor egg surrogacy. 

Dr.S. Mani is a surrogacy Specialist and the IVF coordinator for Gyno Speciality Hospital, Gift IVF & Surrogate Mothers of India. Dr. Mani is actively involved in international Surrogacy meetings and he represented the first south Indian doctor at Surrogacy conference in Melbourne - Australia. Dr. S. Mani, along with other doctors initiated the birth of an organisation called 'INSTAR'-- Indian Society for third part associated reproduction, which is, first of the kind in India. He  was also one of the speakers at the US - San Francisco Surrogacy Conference which took place at Fort Mason Conference Centre on 15 March 2014, which was attended by renowned Surrogacy doctors, specialists, psychologists and experts from all around the world. He works with zealous vision and always chooses the team with great expertise, the team provide online consultation, counseling and surrogacy co-ordination as well assist in the smooth processing of passport and visa applications.

Dr. Anitha is an infertility specialist , laparoscopic surgeon and surrogacy specialist
with an overall experience of 18 years. She Completed MBBS from Kottayam Medical College, MRCOG from Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist , DFFP from ART Warwick university, London. She Worked as an Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Worcester royal Infirmary, Maidstone Hospital, Sharoe Green Hospital, Leeds university Hospital, Barnet General Hospital, St. Cross Hospital, in the UK.  She has mastered in Artificial reproductive technology treatments like  IUI, IVF , ICSI , donor egg , donor sperm , surrogacy etc . Patients come to Dr. Anita from far and wide for getting expert opinion and treatment on  rare conditions, abnormal babies , repeated intrauterine death ,  repeated abortions, repeated  IVF/ ICSI failures , second opinion on surgeries , severe medical problems in pregnancy etc.

The problems of the patients are evaluated systematically, hence the success rate of treatment is very high. Variety of options are given to all couples, thus increasing the possibility of conception. Patients receive Warm and cordial treatment and are made to feel very comfortable.  At gift center, only a single embryo is transferred to avoid the complications of multiple pregnancy, premature deliveries and other maternal and fetal complications . The policy of day 5 blastocyst transfer for all cases is a huge advancement and helps in selecting the best embryo. Very few Centers in the world are able to do blastocyst culture routinely for every single patient. We offer good success with frozen embryo transfer as well.

Kerala, popularly known as the “God’s Own Country”  is  one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It was rightly listed as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler . You go to any prestigious hospital in any part of the world, you are sure to find an Indian doctor  and  some of the reputed  doctors worldwide are  from Kerala. The fact that the very same quality treatment is available at a substantially lower cost in Kerala is pulling medical tourists like magnets to this place. The low cost healthcare and high medical standard is boosting medical tourism in Kerala. Foreign nationals can have a holiday along with the treatment and they prefer Kerala, as it is very clean and hygienic  compared to the other states in India . The low maternal and neonatal mortality along with the high rate of literacy is an added attraction.

                          Steps in international surrogacy

Choose the right clinic
The first  step is you need to choose the right clinic, in the right country at the right cost, which gives you maximum chance to take home a healthy term baby with minimum effort  within your budget. This requires thorough research  and there are guidelines to be followed. Our website will help you  in making the right decision by choosing right clinic for surrogacy.

Contact details of clinic
Communicate with the right person and get direct  counseling or  by phone or email  . Best contact  person at GIFT surrogacy center is Dr.Mani, he will be available on ph +91 9446075032 , +91 9591266699 ,  Or Skype on giftivf  or Dr Anita on .

As Dr Anita Mani and Dr. Mani makes frequent trips abroad you may be able to meet them  in your country, while they are visiting for an informal consultation.

Travel arrangements
Once you decide on the surrogacy program you can travel to the clinic on a  visiting visa to sign the legal papers and for choosing the surrogate mother, alternatively you can decide on the surrogate from there and later obtain medical visa, which will help in avoiding one trip .

Application for medical visa 
Obtain letter from the embassy stating that surrogacy is legal in your country. (surrogacy cannot be done if it is banned in your country). Get a letter from clinic confirming the treatment plan and their ICMR registration number ( without which medical visa is not given).With the  above 2 documents, apply for medical visa from Indian High Commission.

Once you receive the  medical visa ,you can  travel to the clinic and undergo IVF / ICSI procedures. semen and eggs will be collected from the couple Semen sample is usually frozen  for Artificial Reproductive Technology. In case of donor egg cycle, choose your donor  before  you visit   so that your travelling  time is synchronised with the procedure and there is no time wasted. 

Financial arrangement
You will need to arrange for the first payment if self cycling procedure is followed during your initial  visit. But In case of donor egg cycle, an advance payment  via bank transfer will be needed before arrival , as treatment needs to be started early.

Legal papers like surrogacy contract and financial agreement  should be signed before starting the procedure . Fitness test in the form of blood tests are mandatory and done in the  clinic during the first visit or it can be done in your country and the reports mailed to us .

Embryo transfer 
Once the procedure  is completed ,details of ART will be given to you The choice of staying back or  leaving back to your country is  with you, the clinic will carry out the Embryo transfer to the surrogate mother and do freezing of embryos which can be used in case of failure in the first attempt . 

Surrogate mother stay
Surrogate mother stays in hospital until the full term of pregnancy is completed and will be provided with  luteal support .The clinic will keep you up to date  with the result of pregnancy test and scan  reports, through email, or you can contact the clinic .

Antenatal care 
Once surrogate is pregnant , the clinic will provide good antenatal care , excellent accommodation, nutritious diet and a pleasant stay .for any emergencies ,  24/7 gynecologist on call will be available. All the details of the progress are informed regularly to the Intended parents (IP). You can contact Dr Mani at office time for clarification . For details of antenatal care refer site page .

Payment in installments
The payment should be done in installments via bank transfers , which is usually in installments at 2nd , 4th and 6th month . 

DNA test
Once the surrogate completes 5 months , approach your high commission to arrange kit for DNA from a government recognised lab.

You can come to India ,around the expected date of delivery. The baby will be handed over to you immediately after the delivery, so you should be prepared to stay here , looking after the new born , till all the papers are cleared.  

Paper work
Birth certificate will be  issued by the local government authority with your names as parents. You need to apply for passport and citizenship of the baby  at your embassy and they will conduct DNA test to confirm the parentage, before issuing the certificate. Collect all the necessary papers from the  hospital ,  reports of surrogacy , pregnancy care, delivery ,financial settlement,  legal agreement etc before approaching  the embassy .

We have set of formats at GIFT Fertility Centre for all the paper work needed and will be given to you promptly after delivery .

In case of medical indication delivery might be expedited before date and  all the necessary arrangements will be done to take care of the baby, till you arrive . NICU charges are usually negligible, but  you have to be financially prepared  for unforeseen circumstances.

Communicating with surrogate mother
If you wish , you can communicate with surrogate by Skype during pregnancy, or visit her in between if feasible. 

Frozen Embryo Transfer FET

If pregnancy is not obtained , frozen embryo transfers can be done  several times, even after you leave the country , depending on numbers available.

Dr. Mani
Surrogacy Specialist at Gift IVF Centre

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