Monday, 18 May 2015

Testimony of a contented father after he got his baby through surrogacy!

S. Sajeev

We got married nine years ago and as with any family we wanted a baby and had been trying desperately with various clinics and methods. Since nothing worked we had to go for surrogacy as all other options were closed for us. After thorough search of surrogacy clinics, we chose Gyno Gift Centre and now we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Though surrogacy does not require much involvement of the intended parents, we were anxious about the surrogate and the mental and physical situation during the pregnancy period. The most interesting thing was we had complete access to communicate with the surrogate mother and full information regarding the tests and scan reports  was updated on a regular basis, that we had no apprehensions and was free during the whole pregnancy period as the surrogate was taken care in the hospital itself. We used to visit the surrogate mother and see her in person -  her health and living conditions. She was staying in the hospital with her two year old child and she was very comfortable as she had no worries or tensions about everyday life since her child’s and her everyday food and nutrition, physical exercise and other needs were taken care of, and she had nothing to worry about. Also she had the company of other surrogates and all in all they were having a merry time. This I was very particular as I know this would affect the mental  situation of my unborn baby and fortunately, I was lucky enough to find Gyno Gift Centre providing all these and I could see for myself anytime the status of my baby and the surrogate.

I would like to thank Dr. Mani and the staff  who were always very helpful I answering all my queries and as I found out from my surrogate -  hospital staff was very friendly and  always available at a beck and call from surrogates in helping them out in anyway. I don’t think I have enough words to thank  you so much for helping us out with a healthy and a happy beautiful baby.

S. Sajeev

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