Sunday, 21 June 2015

Belgian woman gives birth to a baby, after transplanting frozen ovary from her childhood !!

A Belgian woman has delivered a baby using transplanted ovarian tissue, which was removed when she was a child.

The woman, who is 29 year old, had severe sickle cell aenemia from childhood and was treated using chemotherapy. Before commencing chemotherapy, the doctors had removed her right ovary and surrounding ovary tissue. Subsequently, the left ovary failed due to the side effects of the  treatment.

After many years, the doctors restored the frozen ovary into the woman. Five months later, the woman started menstruating  and without any ART procedures she became naturally pregnant at the age of 27 and delivered a healthy baby boy.

This brings hope to other women with ovarian problems. But the procedure has risks like. damaging the removed ovary or reintroducing malignant cells at the time of transplant.

Dr. Mani
Surrogacy specialist
GIFT IVF Centre (Director)

Courtesy – BioEdge, Xavier Symons

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